Shakira Accepts Plea Deal In Tax Fraud Case, Agrees To Pay Millions

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Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Shakira accepted a plea deal in court Monday in Barcelona, agreeing to pay roughly $19 million to avoid jail time in a tax fraud case, TMZ reported.

The famous singer decided not to battle the matter in court, claiming she settled “to spare my children seeing their mother sacrifice her well-being,” according to TMZ. The Spanish government came after Shakira for reportedly failing to pay $15.8 million in taxes between 2012 and 2014.


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Shakira personally attended court in this matter and arrived in seemingly good spirits. She paused to blow kisses to the fans and paparazzi who had gathered outside the courthouse in anticipation of her arrival.

The famous singer wore a light pink suit and matching oversized sunglasses as she made her way into the courtroom.

Before anything official unfolded in court, both parties announced they had reached a settlement in this matter, according to TMZ.

Shakira received a suspended 3-year sentence and was fined a total of $7.6 million, in addition to her unpaid taxes and the interest accrued on her account, TMZ reported.


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“I admire tremendously those who have fought these injustices to the end, but for me, today, winning is getting my time back for my kids and my career,” Shakira said in a statement, according to TMZ. (RELATED: Shakira Calls Tax Fraud Allegations A ‘Salacious Press Campaign’)

This has not deterred the star from continuing to battle the system or going after the Spanish government for allegedly targeting high-profile, wealthy celebrities, TMZ noted.

Shakira will not face prison time, according to the terms of her settlement.