Coast-To-Coast Storms To Bring Thanksgiving Week Travel Disruptions


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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A series of coast-to-coast storms may bring travel disruptions this Thanksgiving week.

More than 55 million people will travel throughout Thanksgiving Week, 2023, according to AccuWeather. But at least one large storm system is going to create a slew of significant weather hazards that could slow down travel on road and through the skies.

In the south-central and south-eastern parts of the U.S., stormy weather will hit first, before traveling up the Interstate 20 and I-10 toward Atlanta airport on Tuesday. “While some of this rain will be beneficial in drought-stricken places like Louisiana, the Tennessee Valley and into the southern Appalachians [this] week, the risk of minor flooding and numerous travel delays will also accompany the stormy weather,” AccuWeather meteorologist Brandon Buckingham forecast.

As the system continues northwards, windy conditions are anticipated along the coast. Rain and heavy storms will blanket and area stretching from Nashville, TN, to the Outer Banks, NC, all the way up past Syracuse, NY, over to Milwaukee, WI. Bands of rain and snow are also anticipated throughout New York starting Tuesday and through the rest of the week.

“Expect some flooding of poor drainage areas as well as ponding of water on streets and highways. This would have an impact on travel even in a normal situation, but with pre-holiday travel volume picking up on Tuesday and Tuesday night, this will certainly have an even greater impact,” AccuWeather senior meteorologist David Dombek noted. (RELATED: Forecasters Reveal Whether US Will Have A Strong Or Weak Winter)

The first major punch of winter will hit the northern regions of the nation, floating down through Pennsylvania and New England. Similar conditions are also expected in the Pacific Northwest, while Southern California through South Texas will remain dry and mild.