REPORT: Putin Pardoned Satanist Cannibal Murderer So He Could Go Fight In Ukraine

(Photo by Valery SHARIFULIN / SPUTNIK / AFP) (Photo by VALERY SHARIFULIN/SPUTNIK/AFP via Getty Images)

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A Russian man sentenced for Satanic ritualistic killings and cannibalism was reportedly pardoned by President Vladimir Putin to participate in the war in Ukraine, according to Newsweek and

Nikolai Ogolobyak, 33, a self-confessed member of a Satanist sect, according to, was sentenced in July 2010 for murder, robbery, and desecrating a corpse. The crimes, committed in 2008, involved the sect members frying and consuming the organs of their victims, Newsweek reported.

Russia has been actively recruiting prisoners for its military operations in Ukraine, according to Newsweek.

Ogolobyak’s father confirmed to that his son served six months with the “Storm Z” unit, a group involved in frontline operations in Ukraine. After reportedly sustaining a serious injury, Ogolobyak is now considered disabled and unlikely to return to the battlefield. He reportedly returned to his home in Yaroslavl, near Moscow, in early November and is currently living with his mother, Newsweek reported. (RELATED: ‘Outright Satanism’: Putin Goes On Lengthy Rant Condemning The West Over ‘Apartheid’, Child Sex Changes)

The Satanist sect, formed in 2006 by 15-year-old Konstantin Klyk Baranov, engaged in “bloody rituals” that started with animal sacrifices, the outlet noted. In 2008, eight sect members murdered and dismembered four college students in Yaroslavl. The sect’s newcomers then reportedly washed themselves in the victims’ blood and consumed their hearts and tongues, according to

The perpetrators received prison sentences ranging from eight to 20 years, with Ogolobyak receiving the maximum sentence which would have only seen him released in 2030, Newsweek noted.