Big Wig Tacos’ $1 Burrito Event’ Tied To Norovirus Outbreak Among Students

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Mariane Angela Entertainment And News Reporter
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A promotional event hosted by Big Wig Tacos for Northwestern University students is suspected to be associated with a suspected norovirus outbreak, New York Post reported Thursday.

The Evanston Health and Human Services Department started an investigation into a suspected norovirus outbreak. The health scare is allegedly associated with a $1 Burrito burger event for university students, according to the New York Post. The event was held Saturday and attracted a significant number of students.

However, by Monday, the health department started receiving numerous reports from students experiencing severe gastrointestinal symptoms, including stomach cramps, vomiting, and diarrhea, per New York Post. These symptoms are consistent with norovirus, a highly infectious virus known to cause intense digestive distress. (RELATED: Nearly 300 People Fall Ill On Caribbean Cruise, CDC Reports)

In response to these reports, the health department initiated an inspection of Big Wig Tacos to investigate the source of the outbreak. The restaurant, in its commitment to public health and safety, has been fully cooperative with the health authorities.

“While there have been reported cases, we are not certain that the outbreak originated at our restaurant. Prior to the event, the Evanston Health Department completed a routine health inspection and found no issues with our establishment,” Big Wig Tacos said in a statement. “Nevertheless, we are taking immediate and comprehensive measures to address the situation. We are taking extra steps to thoroughly clean and sanitize, with a particular focus on areas that may be susceptible to the transmission of viruses.”