One School’s Massive Blunder Proves America’s Education System Is In The Gutter, Mary Rooke Explains

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Hailey Gomez General Assignment Reporter
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Daily Caller reporter and host of “Trad-ish” Mary Rooke called out America’s public education system Friday on Newsmax, highlighting that parents should pull their kids “out of public schools” after an Iowa school was found quoting a Nazi. 

Rooke appeared on Newsmax’s “Carl Higbie Frontline” to discuss a range of issues within America, first focusing on a middle school in Iowa that had to issue an apology after a morning announcement “quote of the day” featured a saying from Heinrich Himmler, a prominent Nazi leader. The “Trad-ish” host called out the school, noting Himmler is not someone they “could have missed.” (RELATED: ROOKE: Now’s The Time To Ruthlessly Purge The Universities)

“Right, I mean we’re talking about the architect of the Holocaust here. It’s not just some lower-level SS leader that maybe they could have missed in some sort of thing,” Rooke stated.

“If you know anything about, you know, the last 100 years of education, you’re gonna know who Heinrich Himmler is. It’s insane that this was dropped through the pipeline. I think it’s one of those moments that American parents have to sit up and go ‘get your children out of public schools.’”

Himmler, a senior Nazi official and reported to be the second most powerful person following Dictator Adolf Hitler, constructed and oversaw the Nazi plans to murder Jews and other groups within Europe, according to the Holocaust Encyclopedia.

Rooke continued to point out that the schools have “no idea” what they’re teaching children at this point, calling it “insanity.” (RELATED: Red State Conservatives Don’t Hate The Department Of Education As Much As They Should)

“They have no idea what they’re even teaching their children. You are sending them there and they’re coming out learning SS quotes. We have to stop it,” Rooke continued. “I mean, our education system has gone downhill in such a scary way that we’re now issuing apologies because the architect of the Holocaust was, you know, put on some pedestal for being like the respected quote of the day. It’s insanity. Our American education system is in a sad way.”

A superintendent from a middle school in Indianola, Iowa, issued an apology earlier this week after parents called out the school for quoting Himmler’s saying, “My honor is my loyalty,” according to KCCI. The superintendent apologized for the “oversight” stating that a staff member “did not realize that the quote was from a highly inappropriate source,” according to the outlet. 

Rooke proceeded to discuss that Democratic policies, like a push to ban gas-powered cars, is a move to “make sure that we’re completely controlled,” emphasizing that “we’ve seen this happen” within communist and socialist governments.

“The whole point of all this is to make sure that we’re completely controlled,” Rooke stated. “We’ve seen this happen over and over and over again when communism and socialism take over the country. And that’s essentially how these climate activists work.”

“They work on that same ideology, or that same, you know, framework to then put in their control system because they understand when Americans or people have free will they have less control.”