Masked Citizens Are Being Jammed Into Beijing Hospitals, But China Insists We’ve Got Nothing To Worry About

[Screenshot/X/ABC News]

Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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Eerie footage shows hordes of masked children waiting inside crowded Chinese hospitals as a mystery pneumonia sweeps the country just three years after COVID emerged.

Beijing’s children’s hospital has admitted at least 7,000 patients daily, far exceeding capacity, while a pediatric hospital in Tianjin reportedly saw more than 13,000 children at its outpatient and emergency departments, Sky News reported.

A spokesperson from China’s National Health Commission said the infections are simply due to an overlapping of several viruses, according to Sky News. Other authorities said the rising causes are due to the “lifting of COVID-19 restrictions and the circulation of known pathogens,” according to Business Insider. (RELATED: China Suppressed The Truth About Coronavirus. Top WHO Officials Kept Praising China’s ‘Transparency’)

Ministry spokesman Mi Feng said, “efforts should be made to increase the opening of relevant clinics and treatment areas, extend service hours and increase the supply of medicines,” according to Sky News.

The World Health Organization (WHO) requested more information about the illness outbreak, saying it was just a “routine” check.

China reportedly covered up the deadly COVID-19 virus and destroyed data and evidence of its origin. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) allegedly harassed and detained journalists, scientists and healthcare professionals who tried to warn the world about the virus. The WHO was also allegedly involved in China’s coverup.