Sara Haines Claims Israel Was Holding Palestinians ‘Hostage’

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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“The View” co-host Sara Haines falsely claimed Monday that Israel was holding Palestinians hostage.

The terrorist organization Hamas has released dozens of hostages in exchange for Palestinians who were held in Israel for a myriad of crimes. The initial agreement with Hamas was Israel would receive 50 hostages, women and children, while giving Hamas 150 Palestinian prisoners. The prisoners are held on convictions of attempted murder, violence, throwing stones and “harming regional security,” according to CNN.

“I think this is a positive thing, and I am hopeful with all the feedback, this is the one time everyone’s agreeing. There are hostages coming from Israel. There are hostages being released back to Palestine. I hope the incumbent joy that is coming from this will remind everyone involved here that we need more people out,” Haines said. (RELATED: CNBC Host Appears To Physically Squirm While Calling Out ‘Mainstream Media’ On Hamas Hostage Swap)

Haines isn’t the only one who has faced scrutiny over her portrayal of the Israel-Hamas prisoner and hostage exchange.

The New York Times’ depiction of one of the released Palestinian prisoners garnered scrutiny from readers on social media after the newspaper included a photo of Israa Jaabis with the headline, “A disfigured woman whose case has become well known is among the Palestinians released.”

Jaabis became disfigured after she reportedly detonated a bomb in her car when police pulled her over. The bomb was initially meant to be used to kill Israelis, according to Israeli authorities. She was subsequently arrested and convicted.