‘Funny As Hell’: Ted Cruz Explains Cameo In Upcoming Sports Comedy


Julianna Frieman Contributor
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Republican Texas Sen. Ted Cruz explained his cameo in an upcoming sports comedy on Monday.

“Leftist radicals are trying to permanently destroy women’s sports. It’s so outrageous it’s almost comedic that the radical left is allowing men to dress as women and then dominate women’s sports,” Cruz told the Daily Caller in response to an inquiry about his cameo.

The Daily Wire released a trailer for their new comedy, “Lady Ballers,” which mocks transgender ideology. Directed by Daily Wire co-founder Jeremy Boreing, the film tells a satirical story of a high school basketball coach, who is determined to have a winning team under any circumstance — even if that means pitting his male players against women.

“Hollywood won’t make a movie about how laughably absurd it is that we now allow grown men to call themselves women and then dominate women’s sports. So we did,” Boreing captioned his tweet debuting the trailer. “Introducing our first feature-length comedy, ‘LADY BALLERS.'”

Cruz makes a cameo appearance in the film alongside other conservative personalities, including college women’s swim champion Riley Gaines and Babylon Bee CEO Seth Dillon. The film also features an array of Daily Wire personalities, including Matt Walsh, Ben Shapiro, Brett Cooper, Michael Knowles and Andrew Klavan. (RELATED: Several Female Athletes Support GOP Ban On Men In Women’s Sports)

“They’re so out of control, the regular news headlines are starting to read as if they were written by the Babylon Bee,” Cruz said. “I was proud to appear in the Daily Wire’s new comedy that will call out the leftists destroying women’s sports and taking opportunities away from female athletes. Oh yeah, and the movie is funny as hell too!”

“Lady Ballers” is set to premiere on Nov. 29 at a red-carpet event in Nashville. DailyWire+ members will be able to stream the movie starting Dec. 1.