Neymar Admits To Asking OnlyFans Model For Nudes … For Free

(Photo by EITAN ABRAMOVICH/AFP via Getty Images)

Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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Got Neymar looking like a straight simp!

OnlyFans model Aline Farias is all over the news in Brazil right now after she reportedly leaked screenshots of a conversation she had with soccer legend Neymar, who was asking for not just nudes, but for FREE nudes, according to The Daily Star.

The back and forth, which was in Portuguese, allegedly began with the Al Hilal star asking, “are there nudes?” In response, Farias — who has more than 37,700 Instagram followers — said she had numerous sexy pictures on her OnlyFans. (RELATED: Messi Vs. Ronaldo: Legendary Soccer Match — Potentially The Most Legendary Of All-Time — Is Officially Set: REPORT)

However, the Brazilian said that he wasn’t able to gain access to see her photos, which then led to Faris explaining that he would have to subscribe in order to get into her OnlyFans. In other words, he was gonna have to pay.

Fair enough (good business by Farias), and Neymar seemingly gave in, judging by the conversation.

Well, to his credit, Neymar admitted that the conversation between the two was real, but that it was from “years ago.”

This is crazy to me for two reasons: 1. His girl Bruna Biancardi looks better than Aline Farias (way better in my opinion), and 2. A rich and famous superstar athlete like Neymar couldn’t just pick up some chick at a nightclub if that’s what he wanted?

I don’t get it.