Britney Spears Appears Unhinged As She Flashes The Camera From Bed


Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Britney Spears seemed absolutely unhinged and off-kilter when she flashed her breasts in a bizarre video posted to Instagram late Tuesday night.

The pop icon has established quite a reputation for posting videos with high shock-value, but this time she out-did herself, even by her own wild standards. The selfie video shows Spears laying nude in bed, with her breasts bulging out from under the covers, making strange faces and speaking in an eerie, child-like voice. Then, she bared her boobs for the camera.


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Spears frolicked in her bed and played with her necklace, adjusting the camera and peering right into the lens with her wild eyes.

She continued to show off her bare breasts, covering them only slightly with her crisp, white bedsheets.

The video shows Spears puckering her lips like a fish and clenching her jaw, baring her teeth in a strange and awkward way. “Good morning,” she said in a kid’s voice. She laughed to herself, seemingly excited about becoming her own muse. “Good morning,” she said again.

Spears’ eyes bulged open widely, and she moved the camera very close to her eyes and forehead.


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A post shared by Maria River Red (@britneyspears)

As far as strange posts go, this one is taking the cake. Spears kept looking into her camera with a coy smile across her face, enjoying the tease-show she was posting for her 42.7 million Instagram followers to see.

She looked to be crazed, or under the influence. The comments on her post were turned off, preventing fans from sharing their views on the disturbing footage. (RELATED: Britney Spears Posts Manic, Unexplainable Video That Seems Right Off The Edge)

Spears posted twice more after this video was shared, writing “Throwback 2023 !!! 2023 sucked !!! I’m so ready for 2024 🤪🤪🤪 !!!” as the caption to one of those messages.

The only saving-grace, after viewing this boob-flashing, eye-popping video, is she wasn’t in bed with knives.