The Deadspin Writer Trying To Ruin A Child’s Life Is Even Crazier Than You Thought

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Nicole Silverio Media Reporter
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Carron Phillips, the senior writer at Deadspin attempting to ruin a child’s life, has thrown around baseless accusations of racism on numerous occasions.

Phillips has circulated in the news for misleadingly accusing a young boy of wearing blackface at a Chiefs-Raiders game in Las Vegas Sunday, despite the other half of his face being covered in red paint. It turns out the boy he tried to accuse of being racist toward Native Americans for wearing a headdress and doing the tomahawk chop is, in fact, Native American.

The senior writer has consistently made misleading and downright false accusations of racism in his articles which particularly target white people. In May 2022, he accused National Basketball League (NFL) fans at the G7 games of “white supremacy” for simply cheering on black players immediately following the racially-linked mass shooting in Buffalo, New York, which killed ten people in a supermarket.

The article making this claim is titled, “White fans were entertained by Black athletes a day after a racist killed Black people in Buffalo—this is what white supremacy looks like.”

“That a day after Black America was shaken to its core because we’ve now realized that a grocery store on “our side of town” has become the latest place where we can be killed just for existing, Black players from the Celtics, Bucks, Suns, and Mavericks had to play in a win-or-go-home game to advance to the conference finals, despite the feelings that all of us were experiencing. And yet, no one seemed to care or ask them about it. It was clear that basketball mattered, but not Black lives or the Black psyche so much,” Phillips wrote.

Phillips complained in an article posted July 27 that the National Football League (NFL) intends to hold its 2024 Pro Bowl in a state governed by Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. He claimed that DeSantis wants to “return Florida to the days of the antebellum South” because he banned critical race theory (CRT) from the state’s schools.

“You would think that a league that is majority Black wouldn’t consider any city in Florida as a “world-class destination,” but this is what happens when a Black league doesn’t have proper representation in the room where these decisions are made,” Phillips wrote.

He also accused Michael Lewis, the author of “The Blind Side,” of having a “slave owner’s mentality” for writing about a white family who adopted former NFL player Michael Oher. The article was released after Oher filed a petition in a Tennessee court with claims that the family adopted him to enrich themselves. (RELATED: Deadspin Refuses To Say If They Will Include Full Photo Of Young Chiefs Fan Accused Of Being In Black Face)

“This is what happens when a man with a slave owner’s mentality writes a “white hero” book about a white family that made money off a “poor, homeless, big, and dumb football player.” To someone like Lewis, Oher was nothing until he met those kind and angelic white folks who saved his life,” Phillips wrote in the Oct. 6 piece, “The Michael Oher situation illustrates how white people ignore other white people’s racism.”

In an Oct. 23 article, he lamented the celebration of New York Giants quarterback Tyrod Taylor’s victory, accusing white and black fans of ignoring racism. He accused Giants owner John Mara, whom he called a “coward,” of not wanting a black team member to rise to stardom.

He also claimed that anyone who disagrees that black women dominate tennis is “dipped in American arrogance” and thinks a combination of white players can succeed at the sport.

“To say that Black women own tennis would be an understatement, as they’ve become the entire sport,” he said. “And if you disagree with that statement it’ll be because you wrongly think it’s dipped in American arrogance or you hilariously believe that there’s been some combination of white male and female players that have been able to dominate center court for the last few decades like Black women have.”

“And if you’re of that thinking, you’re no better than the haters that Gibson had to deal with back in the 1950s,” he continued.

In mid-August, Phillips wrote that Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Baker Mayfield’s “whiteness” keeps giving him starting quarterback jobs.

When the news of Taylor Swift and Chiefs player Travis Kelce’s relationship emerged, Phillips wrote an entire blog to complain about how Swift and Kelce’s relationship gets more attention than Green Bay Packers safety Jonathan Owens’ marriage to gymnast Simone Biles.

“Be clear, I’m not trying to turn this into a popularity contest or some high school fairytale between the cheerleader and the captain of the football team,” he said in the piece, “We know why Simone Biles doesn’t get the same attention as Taylor Swift at NFL games.” “I’m trying to get you to see how Black love is so often disregarded and ignored in our society. I’m not asking you to cheer for one couple more than the other. I’m asking you to wonder why one couple gets so much more attention than the other — and to ponder how similar the coverage and attention might be if everyone involved was white.”

He then suggested the solution to getting the Chicago Bears to start winning again is to elect a black coach.

Phillips has not backtracked his accusations made against the young Native American boy, Holden Armenta, nor did he respond to the Daily Caller on whether he will include the full photo to show the red paint on his face. Armenta’s mother, Shannon, shamed Deadspin for targeting her son.