Soft AF: Louisville’s Ty-Laur Johnson Didn’t Want To Play Because He Didn’t Have The Right … Wait For It … Tights

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Kobe was right … some athletes are so damn soft today.

Louisville point guard Ty-Laur Johnson was suffering from an underwear problem and was nearly willing to suffer defeat because of it.

Johnson, a top-100 recruit who racked up double-digit points three times in the first six contests of this season, played in the first half for just three minutes when the Cardinals squared off in a Wednesday game against Bellarmine. And this is despite Louisville losing by five points going into halftime. (RELATED: Are The Mavs Plotting A Move To Vegas? Mark Cuban Selling The Team Could Signal The Plan Is Now In Motion: REPORT)

What debilitating injury could force this tier-one athlete to let his team down like that?

Check this nonsense out.

“You ready for this? I probably shouldn’t tell you this,” head coach Kenny Payne told reporters after the game. “We didn’t have the tights he wanted, so he didn’t know if he wanted to play. Oh yeah, you heard it. We didn’t have the tights he wanted, that we’ve never had for him, and he decided, ‘I don’t feel like I can go.'”


I used this meme the other day, and I’m gonna use it again.

And that caption fits perfectly for this story, too.

Like seriously, how are you not gonna play because you don’t have the right … “tights”?

Is college basketball starting to turn into the ballet or something?

Soft, just so soft.