Mayor Kesia Lemoine Faces Charges After Allegedly Smacking Phone Out Of Resident’s Hand During Heated Confrontation

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Mariane Angela Contributor
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A routine town council meeting in Elton, Louisiana, spiraled into chaos, leading to Mayor Kesia Lemoine being charged with battery, the New York Post reported Saturday.

The meeting began with standard discussions on the town’s budget and other civic matters, per the New York Post. However, it escalated into a heated confrontation involving the mayor and several residents. The situation took a turn when Mayor Lemoine, who has been at the helm of the town’s administration for over a year, allegedly reacted vehemently to comments made by attendees.

Witnesses reported that the mayor was allegedly agitated during the meeting, especially when the conversation shifted to her salary and the accusation of a clandestine meeting, the outlet reported. The tipping point came when the topic of a dismissed grant writer was raised, prompting the mayor to remind attendees to stick to the agenda.

The incident was captured on video, which showed Mayor Lemoine in a verbal altercation with a resident, the outlet reported. The incident escalated when Lemoine allegedly attempted to knock a phone from the hands of a woman filming the confrontation. This action resulted in a battery charge against the mayor, as confirmed by local news outlet KPLC. (RELATED: ‘Body Slammed Him’: Tennessee Mayor Charged With Assaulting Girlfriend’s Child Over Yard Work Payment, Police Say)

Following the incident, Mayor Lemoine expressed regret for her actions. She defended herself, citing a perceived threat to her family, though this claim was not substantiated in the video footage. “I am the mayor and held to a higher standard, but I am also human,” Lemoine told KLFY.

This is not the first controversy surrounding Mayor Lemoine, per the New York Post. Earlier this year, she faced a petition for her removal over voter fraud allegations. This recent incident has led to a renewed call for her recall, with a petition submitted to Dem Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards’ office.