McDonald’s Revamps Its Signature Burger

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Mariane Angela Contributor
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In a bid to reinvigorate its classic Big Mac and compete with popular chains like Five Guys, McDonald’s has undergone a significant makeover.

The revamp began in 2016 and led to over 50 changes in its burgers, with the Big Mac experiencing a notable transformation, Daily Mail reported Friday. The new Big Mac features two smaller and cooked all-beef patties. There will be an increase in the special sauce, and fresher ingredients such as lettuce, cheese, and pickles. The sesame-seed buns retain their traditional round and buttery form but are now sprinkled to achieve a more homemade appearance.

This move comes after McDonald’s ranked 13th in a survey by Technomic market research firm, where only 28 percent of 49,000 participants craved McDonald’s burgers, per Daily Mail. The fast-food giant’s efforts are in response to criticisms of their burger’s taste and quality, famously parodied by a TikTok user who compared the burger to “a cereal box with ketchup on it” and humorously likened the patty with diced onions to “a burger with eczema.” (RELATED: McDonald’s Starts Offering Four New Menu Items After Fans Kept Combining The Food Themselves)

The need for change was further highlighted by a test conducted by Chicago chef Chad Schafer. Schafer, who cooked a regular McDonald’s double cheeseburger without the new modifications, described it as “kind of dry” and “cracked.” However, when prepared in the new style, the burger was noticeably hotter and meltier, leading to a more appealing texture and taste.

McDonald’s also urged its franchises to adopt new maintenance practices, like cleaning toasters daily and monitoring grill temperatures, to ensure consistency in the quality of the burgers, Daily Mail reported. The redesigned Big Mac, initially trialed in Australia in 2018, is now available in some U.S. locations, with plans to roll it out across all stores by early Oct. 2024. This comprehensive overhaul represents a significant step in McDonald’s efforts to rejuvenate its brand and menu offerings to stay competitive in the fast-food industry.