Pope Francis Calls Climate Change A ‘Religious Problem’, Says Clerical Leaders Have A Responsibility

(Photo by TIZIANA FABI/AFP via Getty Images)

Hailey Gomez General Assignment Reporter
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Pope Francis stated in a video sent to a United Nations event Sunday that climate change is “also a religious problem” calling on other clerical leaders to come together to “set an example,” according to Crux Catholic Media.

Absent from the COP-28 summit, reportedly due to concerns for his health, the pope sent a message for the inauguration of the new Faith Pavilion at the event. Along with the video, remarks were read by the Vatican’s Secretary of State, Italian Cardinal Pietro Parolin, according to Crux Catholic Media. (RELATED: Pope Francis Punishes Another Conservative American Catholic Leader: REPORT)

Pope Francis insisted that life must be protected noting how when humans have the “insatiable desire for power” this then makes humans turn their “backs on morality and prudence,” destroying the “very sources of life.”

For this reason, it’s “why the problem of climate change is also a religious problem: its roots lie in the creature’s presumption of self-sufficiency,” the pope stated, Crux Catholic Media reported.

“This is an essential obligation for religions, which are called to teach contemplation, since creation is not only an ecosystem to preserve, but also a gift to embrace,” Pope Francis stated, according to the outlet. “A world poor in contemplation will be a world polluted in soul, a world that will continue to discard people and produce waste.”

The pope tied in how peacekeeping is a specific role that religions play, even when it comes to climate, stating that “a home is only livable when a climate of peace reigns within.” Additionally, Pope Francis commented on how there is a responsibility among other “religious representatives” to “set an example” for the possible “change.” (RELATED: US To Hand Billions To United Nations’ ‘Green Climate Fund’ For Poor Countries)

“As religious representatives, let us set an example to show that change is possible and bear witness to respectful and sustainable lifestyles. With a loud voice, let us implore leaders of nations that our common home be preserved,” the pope stated, according to Crux Catholic Media.

The religious leader was originally supposed to attend the conference in person, however, he canceled after he was reportedly advised by doctors to not go due to his “very acute, infectious bronchitis,” Fox News reported.

Earlier this year, Pope Francis had been hospitalized, discovering that he had bronchitis after an intravenous treatment with antibiotics, according to Fox News.