‘Nowhere Else To Go’: Blue City Official Warns Biden Campaign That They’re On Track To Lose Thousands Of Dem Voters

[Screenshot/Fox News/"Jesse Watters Primetime"]

Hailey Gomez General Assignment Reporter
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Chicago Alderman Raymond Lopez stated Monday on Fox News that the Democratic voting base is turning to Republicans for help because they “no longer” feel represented by President Joe Biden or the party.

Lopez appeared on “Jesse Watters Primetime” to discuss the growing issues among the Democratic base as the 2024 elections inch closer. Host Jesse Watters asked Lopez how the average voter “on the streets” is currently describing Biden.

The Democratic Chicago alderman stated that voters are not just unhappy with Biden, but the “Democratic Party as a whole” noting how they feel it’s gone “too far to the left’s extreme.” (RELATED: Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson Leaves Democratic Party, Becomes A Republican)

“What they say about Joe Biden and indeed the entire Democratic Party as a whole is that most of the Democratic voters feel as though this party no longer represents them,” Lopez stated. 

“That it’s been lurching too far to the left to the extreme, trying to placate the socialists, the ‘squad’, and all the rest of them while leaving a vast majority of our voting base off in the wilderness with nowhere else to go but to the embrace of the Republican Party.” 

Lopez warned the Biden campaign that although Democratic voters are not going to the right “willingly” they feel pushed “to the side,” highlighting how those votes will be important for swing states like Illinois. (RELATED: Dem-Aligned Group Pouring $20 Million Into Voter Registration Drive For Left-Leaning Demos)

“Which they’re not doing willingly, but only because they feel they have nowhere else to go,” Lopez stated. “And in a very close election — which we expect to be between President Trump and President Biden again, facing off — losing 10% of your base, because you push them to the side can mean all the difference in states like not just Illinois, but in all those swing states that they’re going to need to win back the presidency.”

Biden’s approval ratings have hit all-time lows during his first presidential term and only seem to continue to decrease. The president’s approval ratings dropped from 39% in November to 33% in December, according to a new TIPP poll. Notably, Democrat voters dropped in their approval rating for the president by 7.9 points, showing a large decline from 81.0 in November to 73.1 in December, the TIPP poll stated.  

The president has also been declining in hypothetical national polls for the 2024 elections, trailing behind former President Donald Trump. A recent I&I/TIPP Poll showed that Trump now roughly holds a 2% lead, sitting at 41% compared to Biden’s 39%.