Jonathan Turley Weighs In On Hunter News: ‘None Of Us Have Seen The Likes Of This’

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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Fox News legal analyst Jonathan Turley weighed in on the newest report showing Hunter Biden sent his father, President Joe Biden, monthly payments from the bank account he reportedly used to receive money from Chinese business associates.

House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer released redacted bank records Monday showing direct payments to Biden from Hunter’s Owasco P.C. bank account. The payments appear to stem from September of 2018.

Turley said Monday an impeachment vote into Biden was “overdue” and there “was ample evidence to justify an impeachment inquiry.”

“I can’t imagine how anyone would look at this evidence and not believe that a formal inquiry should begin. There’s been a litany of lies that have come out of the Biden family and the White House. The president denied knowing about any of these business arrangements. Even Hunter said that wasn’t true,” Turley said, listing other pieces of evidence.

“We even have Joe Biden’s house being listed for some of these payments by Hunter Biden,” Turley continued. “It’s rather daunting to imagine what you need according to the Democrats. So I think the moment of truth has arrived. Democrats have either got to show that they stand against corruption and approve an inquiry or they have to take ownership of this. Influence peddling is the favorite form of corruption in Washington but none of us have seen the likes of this.”

Comer subpoenaed Hunter Biden and his uncle James Biden’s personal and business bank records in late September after the first impeachment inquiry hearing for the president. Comer has subsequently released bank records showing how funds originating in China resulted in a $40,000 check to Biden in September 2017.