Scientists Finally Realize We’re Totally Unprepared For The Next ‘Big One,’ And It Ain’t An Earthquake


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Research published in late 2023 found that not all solar storms hit the same, and the human race is totally unprepared to deal with the “big one,” which could hit at literally any time.

Contrary to popular belief, solar storms do not really influence global climate, temperatures, or weather patterns. Solar storms are far more terrifying than that. And a new study published in the journal Nature outlined how their impact on Earth can vary from place to place, making their influence far more concerning.

When a major solar storm strikes, you likely won’t feel it. But every piece of technological equipment near you will fizz, burn, and stop working. Your car, phone, kitchen equipment, heating, medical equipment, everything that connects to electricity, whether through the mains or batteries, will be destroyed. And there’s nothing you’ll be able to do to stop it.

But it turns out that the impact of a solar storm could vary significantly over small distances. “When such a solar storm hits, [a] too-sparse magnetometer network could lead to underestimation of local magnetic disturbances,” study co-author Eija Tanskanen said in a statement. These distances might be as small as 62 miles, the study noted. (RELATED: The Truth Behind A Solar-Storm Apocalypse Conspiracy Theory Is Kinda Scary)

Sensors are needed across the globe to accurately measure these minute fluctuations in solar activity and influences on our magnetic field, but your elected officials aren’t going to do that. In fact, your elected officials are fully aware of the vulnerabilities facing our power grid, and they’re doing absolutely nothing about it.