A New Trailer From An Iconic Franchise Is Setting The Internet On Fire — There’s Just One Big Problem

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Cyrus Inward Gaming and Online Culture Columnist
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Even in the age of virality, 78 million views in 18 hours on YouTube alone is wild for a video game trailer.

People are jacked up for the new Grand Theft Auto game. Rockstar Games dropped the first trailer for GTA VI, due out in 2025, Monday, and anticipation is higher than Hunter Biden in a gentleman’s club buffet line at 3am.

There’s just one problem though, because Rockstar seems to have forgotten where its bread is buttered: Nobody wants to play as a strong Latina protagonist. (RELATED: Forget Carjackings: The Chocolate City Needs To Rise Up Against The Menthol Ban)


Grand Theft Auto is a gamer’s game. The demand for it is almost exclusively coming from straight men aged 16-40, most of whom still have a fond nostalgia for the first gangbanger they ran down in the streets of one of the series’ early installments. (RELATED: Supposedly ‘Progressive’ NBA Coach Steve Kerr Did One Of The Most Racist Things We’ve Ever Seen)

It’s a game about letting loose and immersing yourself into a world that’s unattainable for the common man. Become a brutal, seedy, mastermind organized criminal who plays by no rules and takes no shit.

GTA VI gif that I made [Proof in comments] : r/GTA

It’s a game about alpha males being alpha males.

And what’s one thing we’ve learned about gamers by now? We don’t want to be force-fed woke malarky in the name of appeasing limp-wristed urbanites and upscale culture critics who hate us at the most fundamental level. Summarized more succinctly, young men don’t want to play as a powerful latina in their alpha male criminal gangster fantasy land.

You can’t go to a strip club, hire a hooker outside, refuse to pay her and then stuff her in a trash compactor while playing as a strong Latina. You can’t run from the cops with your side-chick after blasting the cashier at a liquor store either.

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But Rockstar couldn’t help themselves. The company that blew up on the back of games that let you feed suffragettes to animals and beat women silly has given in and will pander to the woke crowd.

You’d think studios would’ve learned from Gamergate, or the response to The Last Of Us 2, or the refrains still heard to this day in Call of Duty lobbies.

Alas, they haven’t. GTA VI will undoubtedly be one of the most successful games in history. GTA V is the 3rd-highest-selling game ever made, after all. But we’ll all be left wondering what could’ve been.