Video Shows House Explosion Reportedly Triggered By Suspect Firing Flare Gun At Police

Screenshot/Twitter/User @connormaj

Fiona McLoughlin Contributor
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A suspect allegedly launched a flare gun from his home at police, causing an explosion Monday night in Arlington, Virginia.

“As officers were attempting to execute a search warrant at the residence, the suspect discharged several rounds inside the house,” Arlington Police said on Twitter. “Subsequently, an explosion occurred at the residence.” The preliminary investigation indicates the suspect fired a flare gun about 30-40 times inside his home, according to a press release.

Officers at the scene reported that there were only minor injuries, and no one had been transported to the hospital. Videos shared on Twitter show the home exploding, with fire, smoke, and debris filling the air as the house crumbled. (RELATED: ‘Looks Like A War Zone’: House Explosion Kills 5, Injures Several Others).

The smoke and fire from the explosion can be seen from miles away, according to more videos posted on Twitter.

The Arlington Fire Department advised residents to avoid the area if possible, per a Twitter post.

In September, a home exploded in New Jersey, causing five people to be hospitalized, per Pix 11 News.

“It was a vibration. It was a shock. It felt like it was going to push my house over. I’m like three-fourths of a mile down I’m not even that close and it felt like my house was going to fall over,” Keith Koster, a nearby neighbor, told the outlet.

“House just exploded in my neighborhood shook the f—k out of the whole neighborhood like an earthquake,” Anthony Green, a resident nearby, posted on Twitter.