‘Killed All These People’: Tucker, Massie Discuss Why D.C. Supports ‘Billions’ For Ukraine In War ‘They Cannot Win’


Hailey Gomez General Assignment Reporter
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Republican Kentucky Rep. Thomas Massie and Daily Caller co-founder Tucker Carlson discussed Tuesday the reasons why Washington, D.C., is pushing more funding for Ukraine, even though it is a “war” the country “cannot win.”

Massie appeared on Carlson’s Twitter show to discuss the recent push by D.C. figures to send another financial package to Ukraine. Carlson asked Massie why he believes the Republican party is “in favor” of it, calling out House Speaker Mike Johnson for reportedly endorsing it. 

Massie responded by explaining that the military-industrial complex benefits from “deadly munitions” manufacturing in the U.S., noting how in some cases it “enriches” people within specific districts and “stockholders, some of whom are congressmen.” (RELATED: Speaker Mike Johnson Tells White House There Won’t Be Ukraine Aid Without Border Security)

“But you gotta wonder like, why is the leadership of your party, the Republican party, in favor of this? Why the new speaker — seems like a nice guy but also like a child — why would his first act as speaker be to endorse this? I’m confused,” Carlson stated. 

“Well, I hope he doesn’t. But you know, Biden’s budget director, the head of the OMB sent a letter yesterday to Speaker Mike Johnson, imploring him to spend more money in Ukraine. And what they said is they want to revitalize our defense industrial base,” Massie responded. 

“And they sent a list of states that would get money when we spend, you know, money on deadly munitions because they have to be manufactured in Alabama or Ohio or Texas.” 

“And so, you know, they’re saying the quiet part out loud that congressmen tend to vote for this stuff because a lot of this federal spending that goes to Ukraine is actually laundered back to the military-industrial complex. And in some ways, not very efficiently, but in some ways, it enriches people in their districts and the stockholders, some of whom are congressmen,” Massie stated.

Carlson followed up by questioning if the people who have pushed for the war have ever apologized for “the killing of an entire” Ukrainian generation, highlighting that they have been fighting a “war they can not win.” (RELATED: CNN Analyst Explains Why Americans Are Fed Up With Ukraine Aid) 

“That’s all so grotesque, but it’s also straightforward. You know, people are getting rich, so let’s do it. Okay — that’s an argument. It’s an immoral argument but it is one. But that’s not the argument they’re making in public. They’re saying we have a moral obligation,” Carlson stated. 

“You’re a bad person, you just heard the national security advisor say it, you’re a bad person if you’re against this. But no one ever mentions that we have abetted the killing of an entire generation of Ukrainian men that will not be replaced. To fight a war that they cannot win.”

“We prevented a peace deal and we extended the war, and we killed all these people. And so all the ones running around with their little Ukraine flag pins, they’re implicated in that. Has anyone apologized?” Carlson asked. 

“No, to support this money you have to be economically illiterate and morally deficient,” Massie stated.

“How could Washington possibly send tens of billions more to sleazy oligarchs in Ukraine now that the whole enterprise has been revealed as a fruitless, corrupt and incredibly destructive disaster? Because that’s what they always do,” Carlson wrote in the caption of the episode.

The Biden administration has a new $106 billion aid package for funding Ukraine, Israel, and other needs, however, lawmakers seem to be divided on the issue, according to the Associated Press. Congress has already assisted Ukraine with $111 billion in allocated funding, which includes $67 billion in military aid, $27 billion of economic and civil support, and $10 billion for humanitarian backing, the AP reported. 

Additionally, Johnson told the Biden administration that Republicans would not support another Ukraine package until a border security deal was included, the outlet noted.