Video Shows Woman’s SUV Wedged In Airbnb Rental After Crash

(Public/Screenshots/YouTube/WPLG Local 10 News)

John Oyewale Contributor
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A woman’s SUV was wedged in an Airbnb property after she crashed into it Monday morning in southeastern Florida, video shows.

The woman’s Jeep Wrangler flew through the air and past a swimming pool, broke through a fence, and hit a fire hydrant and a van, before ramming into the property in Fort Lauderdale, the WPLG Local 10 News video report noted. She reportedly narrowly missed the home of guitarist Bill Crowley.

“I see this lime-green flash go through my window, and I went, Whoa!” Crowley told WPLG.

“She crashed right into the chimney,” the property manager told WPLG, gesturing by slamming her right fingers into her left palm, the video report showed.

She lived only five houses away from the crash scene and her vehicle picked up speed within the distance of a block, per the video report. “We had to perform a quick extrication,” Garret Pingol, Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue (FLFR) chief told WPLG. “We used some hand tools to get the vehicle open and get the patient out of the vehicle and transfer her to Broward Health for assessment,” he added, per the video report. The woman was alert but injured, WPLG reported. (RELATED: Video Shows Alleged Drunk Truck Driver Gliding In Mid-Air, Violently Crashing Into Parked Vehicles)

The woman’s husband reportedly was away at work at the time. “From what they told me she seemed like she was stable, so I’m gonna go see her right now,” he told WPLG.

“Thank God, nobody inside—this is the most important for me,” the property owner told WPLG. Eight to 10 renters checked out of the home the day before the crash, he added.

“It’s like Santa came into the house with no gifts, just a yellow Jeep,” the property manager told WPLG.