EXCLUSIVE: House Republicans Introduce Legislation To End Birthright Citizenship For Illegal Aliens

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Henry Rodgers Chief National Correspondent
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Texas Republican Rep. Brian Babin introduced legislation Thursday that would end birthright citizenship for illegal aliens.

The Daily Caller first obtained a copy of the bill, which is titled The Birthright Citizenship Act. The legislation would specifically limit birthright citizenship to a child born in the U.S. of parents, one of whom is “a citizen or national of the United States; an alien lawfully admitted for permanent residence in the United States whose residence is in the United States; or a lawful alien performing active service in the armed forces.”

Babin, who serves as the Co-chair of the House Border Caucus, was joined by 21 Republicans as original cosponsors of the legislation. (RELATED: Trump Reveals Why He Never Ended Birthright Citizenship)

“For a period following its enactment, Section 1 of the 14th Amendment was properly applied as written and intended: to ensure all American citizens were afforded the sacred constitutional protections they deserve. While these important protections remain, in recent decades, the misapplication of specific language in the amendment has led to the implementation of the practice of birthright citizenship, by which children born to foreign nationals — from illegal migrants to tourists to refugees — are automatically granted United States citizenship. Birthright citizenship has long served as a powerful incentive for illegal immigration and, over time, has become wrongly accepted as law, with supporters claiming it is guaranteed by our Constitution. Birthright citizenship is enabled by faulty legal application, and ending the practice by clarifying eligibility is a necessary step toward fixing our broken immigration system and stopping the continued exploitation of America’s generosity,” Babin told the Caller before introducing the bill.


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“We must act to put an end to this misguided policy that has fueled illegal immigration and weakened our national sovereignty for far too long. I appreciate my colleagues’ support of this important bill and hope to move it swiftly through the House of Representatives,” Babin added. (RELATED: 2024 GOP Field Split On Ending Birthright Citizenship)

The other lawmakers who cosponsored the legislation included: Montana Rep. Matthew Rosendale, Oklahoma Rep. Kevin Hern, Florida Rep. Byron Donalds, Florida Rep. Bill Posey, Texas Rep. Chip Roy, Oklahoma Rep. Josh Brecheen, North Carolina Rep. Richard Hudson, Texas Rep. Ronny Jackson, South Carolina Rep. Jeff Duncan, Georgia Rep. Rick Allen, Wisconsin Rep. Glenn Grothman, South Carolina Rep. Ralph Norman, Arizona Rep. Eli Crane, Virginia Rep. Bob Good, Kentucky Rep. Andy Harris, Wisconsin Rep. Tom Tiffany, Illinois Rep. Mary Miller, Arizona Rep. Andy Biggs, Georgia Rep. Buddy Carter, Tennessee Rep. Andy Ogles and Texas Rep. Wesley Hunt.