‘What You Didn’t Show In The Montage’: DeSantis Calls Out Fox News Live On Air

[Screenshot/Fox News]

Nicole Silverio Media Reporter
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Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis called out Fox News live on-air after being accused of not answering a question about Israel.

“Fox & Friends” host Lawrence Jones told the governor he did not answer whether he would send troops into Israel. DeSantis disputed this claim, telling Jones the network did not air the full montage.

“I want to pick up where that montage left off, and it was the back and forth between you and [former New Jersey] Governor [Chris] Christie about what would you do, will you send military troops into Israel to fight the war and you didn’t answer that question,” Jones said.

“That’s not true, I said you do what need you do. You’ve got to defend your people. But then I also talked about the larger conflict,” DeSantis said. “So I did answer it. But here’s another thing, what you guys didn’t —”

Jones interrupted to ask the question, to which DeSantis repeated his answer.

“What you didn’t show in the montage there was Chris [Christie] and Nikki [Haley] both support this gender transition surgeries for the minors,” DeSantis continued. “This mutilation. We passed legislation in Florida saying ‘You cannot do that.’ They say, ‘Oh, it’s parents’ rights.’ You don’t have a right to abuse your kids as a parent and that was very telling when we did that exchange. So as a party, if we can’t stand for the wellbeing of children, then what good are we?” (RELATED: ‘Sick Of Hearing About These Polls’: Megyn Kelly Opens Debate By Laying Out Dire State Of DeSantis’ Polling His Face)

Christie said the government should not interfere in parents’ decisions to allow their minor children to undergo irreversible sex change operations. DeSantis accused Haley of opposing his ban on gender transition surgeries for children, alluding to a June interview Haley did with CBS News where she said, “I think the law should stay out of it and I think parents should handle it.” Haley invited Disney to move to South Carolina as the company feuded with DeSantis over the prohibition of discussions about sexual orientation and gender ideology to children in kindergarten through third grade.