TSA Basically Admits Holiday Travel Is Going To Be A Nightmare


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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The Transport Security Administration (TSA) said Tuesday all of you absolute weirdos choosing to fly through the holiday season need to pack your patience, because it’s probably going to suck.

“Please don’t forget to pack your patience. Our officers are working hard to keep people safe during this busy travel season,” TSA wrote on Twitter, as if anyone actually follows the TSA on Twitter. In a video accompanying the tweet, TSA felt the need to ask Americans to be nice to staff throughout the holiday season … but let’s be honest, this is such a justified request.

Y’all might think British people are weak because we’d often rather be polite than make a fuss, but damn are some Americans just crazy when it comes to air travel. I have never seen anything quite like the rage of a single woman, dressed to the nines for a city-hopper flight to New York, dealing with a TSA agent who can’t accept a lapsed drivers license as a form of identification. (RELATED: Dad Hums Country Song To Himself At TSA Pre-Check In Nashville, Morgan Wallen Joins In)

And as the 2023 Christmas travel season ramps up … especially with the hellish winter we’re already experiencing in the northern states … you know things are going to get crazy in every airport from JFK to LAX.