Wife Of Streamer Who Bragged About Open Marriage Is Apparently Leaving Him For Another Man: REPORT

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Robert McGreevy Contributor
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The wife of popular streamer and YouTuber Destiny, who previously bragged about the pair’s open marriage, is reportedly leaving him for a man she met in Sweden, according to online reports.

Screenshots from what appear to be messages from Destiny in a Discord channel show him complaining about his wife, Swedish internet personality Melina Goransson, and her alleged new lover.

In the leaked Discord chat Destiny appeared to lament his wife’s choice to leave him for a “toxic/abusive guy.” (RELATED: ‘Current F*cking Day!’: Streamer’s Rant About Pronouns In Highly Anticipated Video Game Goes Viral)

“The last two months (and two weeks) have been a massive mindfuck for me, watching her become obsessed with a toxic/abusive guy (When I visited Sweden last, he gave Mel an ultimatum to divorce me and then threatened to kill himself when she didn’t do it, among 20 other abusive/manipulative things he’s done) and endlessly make excuses for him, so I’m out,” the political YouTuber appeared to write, according to the Twitter post.

The possible split isn’t a total shocker. Destiny had previously defended the couple’s open marriage, telling the “Whatever” podcast, “In life sometimes variety is fun. Sometimes I want to be with a girl that’s Hispanic or Asian. Sometimes I want to be with somebody that is slightly different.”