Florida Man Pleads Guilty To Killing Co-Workers Using Office Supplies

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Mariane Angela Contributor
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A man pleaded guilty to killing his boss and a colleague at Professional Public Adjusters using office supplies, The Miami Herald reported Thursday.

Jose Rojas, 55, admitted to the April 27, 2012 killings of his boss, Frances Venezia, and colleague Robert James, according to The Miami Herald. Rojas was allegedly embezzling from the company in Dec. 2011, accumulated around $3,500 in gift cards and goods using company credit cards, per the outlet. (RELATED: Police Arrest Ex-Goodwill CEO Who Allegedly Stole Over $1 Million From Organization)

Rojas allegedly began plannng his ill intent April 25, 2012 after overhearing Venezia discussing the suspicious charges with the credit card company, per The Miami Herald. He reportedly prepared for his attack by purchasing a wooden mop, dish towels and duct tape, per the outlet. He arrived at the office armed with a pellet gun, a ski mask and extra clothing, per the outlet. Rojas allegedly subdued Venezia and James after their arrivals with the use of the gun and duct tape to bind them to office chairs, per the outlet.

Rojas then allegedly attempted to coerce Venezia into issuing a check from her personal account, the Miami Herald reported. When this failed, Rojas reportedly resorted to assault using office items, including a mop handle and a paper cutter blade, as weapons, per the outlet.

During the trial, prosecutors presented evidence, including blood-stained duct tape, a bloody hole puncher, a damaged mop handle and an office chair marked with blood and hair, per the outlet. The attack reportedly lasted for hours, with Venezia and James desperately trying to seek help, per the outlet. Venezia attempted to call her daughter and James reached out to his partner in Italy, but their efforts were in vain, per the outlet.

Rojas was apprehended by police outside the crime scene, covered in blood, per the outlet. After a lengthy interrogation, he confessed to the crimes, the outlet reported. Initially charged with two counts of first-degree murder, armed kidnapping and attempted robbery, Rojas’ guilty plea came unexpectedly, per the outlet. Rojas was reportedly contemplating an insanity defense due to his alleged “psychotic state” during the killings, The Miami Herald reported.

Rojas has been held without bond since April 28, 2012 and awaits his next court hearing scheduled for Dec. 12, per the outlet.