Former Colorado ICU Nurse Sentenced To 20 Years For Filming Himself Assaulting Unconscious Patients

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Mariane Angela Contributor
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A former intensive care unit (ICU) nurse was sentenced Friday to more than 20 years in prison for sexually assaulting more than a dozen unconscious patients in Colorado, Law & Crime reported.

Christopher P. Lambros, 62, was convicted and found guilty of six counts of felony attempted sexual assault, according to Law & Crime. The sentence was handed down by District Court Judge Gretchen B. Larson and entailed three years and eight months for each count, to be served consecutively, per the outlet. This arrangement leads to an effective sentence of 22 years, followed by a mandatory two-year parole upon release. Lambros already served 410 days since his arrest, per the outlet.

Lambros reportedly referred to his heinous acts as his “Dexter Collection,” a reference to the television serial killer Dexter Morgan, according to the court records, per Law & Crime. During the sentencing, Judge Larson expressed her horror upon learning some of Lambros’ victims died in the ICU, potentially during or after the assaults, Colorado Public Radio reported.

“This was the first I learned that some of the victims died,” the judge said, according to Colorado Public Radio. “The idea of these women being molested as they took their last breath is haunting to the court.”

Lambros’ acts came to light after a colleague at St. Mary’s Hospital reported seeing Lambros taking explicit photos of a patient, per Law & Crime. This initial report led to a broader investigation, uncovering a series of graphic images and videos on Lambros’ phone. Forensic analysis revealed deleted files and recordings where Lambros was seen engaging in sexual acts with unconscious patients, per the outlet. (RELATED: Ex-Gynecologist Accused Of Sexual Assault By Hundreds Of Women Found Dead Ahead Of Trial)

The coworker who allegedly observed Lambros’ behavior informed the investigator she had visited the ICU to monitor a patient, according to law enforcement, per Law & Crime. During her visit, she realized the lights were out and the curtain was closed.

“When she pulled back the curtain, she saw the patient, who was unconscious, with her gown pulled up, exposing her breasts, and the bed sheet was pulled down, exposing the patient’s genitals,” the affidavit states, per Law & Crime. “[The witness] said she saw a nurse, who she knew as Chris Lambros, with his head on the patient’s stomach, with his face toward the patient’s feet, with what she believed [was] his right arm extended, holding what she was sure was an unknown make/model cell phone in a black case, in a position as if he was taking a ‘selfie’ picture.”