Nashville Police Announce End Of Investigation Into Leak Of School Shooter’s Manifesto

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Hailey Gomez General Assignment Reporter
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The Metropolitan Nashville Police Department (MNPD) announced Friday that they have “exhausted all available investigative avenues” to identify who leaked the Covenant School shooter’s manifesto, according to a press release. 

MNPD Chief John Drake confirmed the investigation into finding the person responsible for leaking three pages of elementary school shooter Audrey Hale’s manifesto has not identified any “current MNPD employees, or employees of any partner agency.”

“The investigation has not identified current MNPD employees, or employees of any partner agency, as engaging in the unauthorized release of the images,” per the press statement. “Persons placed on administrative assignment for certain periods during the pendency of the investigation have returned to their regular duties.”

However, authorities did highlight an unidentified “former employee” as well as two detectives assigned to the Specialized Investigations Division. The unidentified former employee, allegedly “possessed the images” due to their official duties, but declined an interview with the department.  (RELATED: Biden Hosts Tennessee Dems Expelled For Gun Protest, Calls For ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban)

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“A number of individuals were interviewed, cooperatively, and electronic devices forensically examined, as part of the investigation. Attempts were made last month to interview a former MNPD detective who possessed the images as part of his official duties,” the press release stated. 

“That person declined and is no longer a member of law enforcement. The department does not have the ability to compel statements or cooperation from former employees.”

Conservative commentator Steven Crowder in November obtained three leaked pages written by Hale, who killed six people — including three nine-year-old students — in March. While MNPD Chief Drake condemned the “unauthorized release” of the pages and vowed to “identify the person responsible,” he also confirmed their authenticity. (RELATED: Nashville Police Chief Confirms Authenticity Of Leaked Shooter Manifesto Pages, Launches Investigation)

Authorities stated the department’s Office of Professional Accountability allegedly found “three cell phone photographs” taken immediately after the journals were discovered within Hale’s car. The two unidentified detectives allegedly took photos of the manifesto as “part of intelligence gathering,” seeking to “learn more about the shooter” while determining if anyone else was involved.

Drake confirmed that Metropolitan Director of Law Wally Dietz has been briefed on the investigation. The case file will now be presented to District Attorney Glenn Funk’s office for a review.