ROOKE: There’s A Good Reason Trad Wives Can’t Stop Telling You About Their Sex Lives

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Mary Rooke Commentary and Analysis Writer
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People on the internet are getting irrationally angry at married women for talking about their romantic lives in a positive light, and it needs to stop.

Our society is trapped in an anti-marriage/anti-life doom spiral, and these women are merely trying to show the next generation there is another way. Instead of dunking on trad(itional) wives for outing their private lives, start asking what type of culture creates an environment in which they feel they have to defend marital sex openly.

Traditionally, happily married women would have been unwilling to speak publicly about the intimate moments they shared with their husbands. It would have been considered too low-brow for them to discuss with anyone except their spouse. It’s not likely these wives would have even left their private bubble if it wasn’t for society’s lack of stewardship forcing them to dispel the unfavorable image marriage gets. We stopped educating the new generations about faith, love and legacy and allowed entertainment to become how men and women learned about relationships.

Unhappy people were given the power to control our viewpoint on this subject, leading to the official narrative about marital sex being that it’s a huge letdown compared to the far more pleasurable act of premarital sex. Generations of men and women are taught single sex is carefree and wonderful, and marriage ruins this for both men and women. (ROOKE: America’s Kids Are Struggling. It’s Time To Start Talking About Their Parents)

For men, as soon as the wedding is over, his wife’s passion dwindles into prudishnesses, and they are forced to endure years of sexual frustration. Similarly, women are doomed to a life of endless letdowns because all husbands are selfish lovers. This rhetoric is reinforced whenever a celebrity couple refuses to get married because it would “ruin the passion.”

Now, instead of following the advice of women who lived in devoted marital bliss for decades, society’s natural reaction is to recoil and tell them they are weird. The comment section discourse under these women’s pro-marriage posts quickly descended into keyboard warriors accusing them of being into sexual kinks that involved opening up their relationships with their husbands to strangers. It’s easier for people to yell at them for publicly defending the beauty of their romantic relationship than to believe that there are marriages full of love and passion.

It is true that marriage can and is challenging. We used to understand that successful marriages take hard work to achieve but bring infinite meaning and purpose. Without trad wives leading the discussion on this topic, the next generation will continue to believe marriage is a wasteland that should be avoided.

We need more happy wives talking about their fulfilling marriages — explaining to men and women it doesn’t have to be this way. You don’t have to hate your spouse. Husbands and wives can continue to have fun long after the vows are finalized. In fact, the more time you spend with your spouse, the more you’ll crave each other and long for the moments you can be close.

These women are doing an excellent service. Everything in our society makes us believe marriage is where sex goes to die. They are bravely pushing back.