Las Vegas Raiders’ Jack Jones Makes Spectacular One-Handed Play In Historic Blowout

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Samuel Spencer Contributor
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Quite possibly the best interception of the season so far, Jack Jones’ spectacular pick-six Thursday night marked the Raiders’ all-time scoring record.

The Las Vegas Raiders whooped the Chargers … and then they whooped them some more. In a 63-21 victory for the Raiders, the team set a franchise record for points Thursday night, according to the Athletic. The Raiders scored a touchdown on eight of their nine possessions in the first half alone. The team scored an additional 21 points to seal the deal against the Chargers, who’ll need a recharge after the battery they took last night. The Raiders led the Chargers 42-0 at halftime.

Jones’ phenomenal interception was just one of many highlights in what was a hallmark night for Las Vegas.

While the Raiders had something to celebrate last night, it is unlikely they will make the playoffs.

With six wins and eight losses, they sit near the bottom of the AFC West. (RELATED: Vikings Defense Performs Epic Keg Stand Celebration After Team’s Offensive Coordinator Gets Hit With DWI)

The Raiders play the Kansas City Chiefs in their next game and they will be keen to win the remainder of their games this season, considering they only have a 0.3% chance of making the playoffs, according to Pro Football Network.