Prince Harry Reacts To Lawsuit Win Against ‘Vendetta Journalism’

John Lamparski/Getty Images

Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Prince Harry issued a lengthy statement after he won the phone hacking case he filed against Mirror Group Newspapers.

The presiding judge, Justice Fancourt, ruled in the High Court in London on Friday morning, and awarded Harry over $180,000. Fancourt said 15 of 33 articles produced by Mirror Group Newspapers about Harry “were the product of phone hacking of his mobile phone or the mobile phones of his associates, or the product of other unlawful information-gathering,” according to People.

“My commitment to seeing this case through is based on my belief in our need — and collective right — to a free and honest press,” Harry said, according to People.


“This case is not just about hacking. It is about a systemic practice of unlawful and appalling behavior, followed by clever-ups and destruction of evidence, the shocking scale of which can only be revealed through these proceedings,” Harry reportedly wrote in his statement.

He went on to highlight his lengthy legal battle and his commitment to see this case through, according to People.

“The journey to justice can be a slow and painful one and since bringing my claim almost five years ago defamatory stories and intimidating tactics have been deployed against me and at my family’s expense,” Harry reportedly said.

“And so, as I too have learnt through this process, patience is, in fact, a virtue. Especially, in the face of vendetta journalism,” he continued, according to People.

Prince Harry appealed to the British public to investigate and push forward with litigation if they, too feel they were wronged by invasive media tactics, the outlet reported.

“The acts listed in the judgment are prime examples of what happens when the power of the press is abused,” he said.

Harry took a jab at those in the press who targeted him unfairly. (RELATED: Prince Harry’s Ghostwriter Dishes On Some Tense Exchanges With The Former Royal) 

“Today’s ruling is vindicating and affirming. I’ve been told that slaying dragons will get you burned but in light of today’s victory and the importance of doing what is needed for a free and honest press, it is a worthwhile price to pay,” he said in his statement.

Prince Harry’s lawyer, David Sherbourne, noted he was unable to attend court in person “due to the short notice,” but his statement was read aloud in court.