Woman Who Stabbed Dog To Death And Bit Two People During Home Invasion Gets 12 Years

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Mariane Angela Contributor
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A Pennsylvania woman was sentenced to 12 years in jail Tuesday for multiple crimes, including stabbing a dog to death and biting two people.

Breanna Englert, 26, faced eight charges, including criminal trespass, animal cruelty and making terroristic threats, according to a news release from the Clinton County District Attorney’s Office. Englert reportedly broke into a home in April while under the influence of drugs and was confronted by the two homeowners and a neighbor. (RELATED: Fla. Sheriff: ‘We Prefer’ Homeowners Shoot Burglars. It ‘Saves Taxpayer Money’)

“Englert attacked the homeowner’s dog with a knife and bit two of the victims, who required medical attention. Immediately following the incident, the victim’s dog suffered seizures and died a short time later,” the Clinton County District Attorney’s Office’s statement said. “Englert was believed to have been under the influence of controlled substances at the time.”

During the sentencing hearing, Clinton County District Attorney Dave Strouse pushed for a severe penalty and asked for a maximum jail time of 25 years, the news release stated. He reportedly highlighted Englert’s history of violent behavior dating back to 2019, including two assault convictions, and said Englert was on supervised release during the time of the attack.

One of Englert’s victims, a retired school teacher, addressed her directly and expressed the trauma inflicted on their family, including their grandchildren, per the news release. Englert reportedly sought leniency from the court and pleaded for a chance at drug rehabilitation instead of incarceration, attributing her criminal actions to struggles with prescription drugs and methamphetamine. The judge overseeing her case denied Englert’s request and stressed the need for a harsh lesson to prevent future offenses because of her past criminal history, according to the news release.

Englert will be eligible for parole after serving three years in jail, the press release reported. She reportedly pleaded guilty to charges of endangerment, assault and resisting arrest.