Pennsylvania Opens New Prosecutor Position Because Critics Say Larry Krasner Is Too Soft On Crime

(Photo by RYAN COLLERD/AFP via Getty Images)

Ilan Hulkower Contributor
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A new law will compel progressive Philadelphia district attorney Larry Krasner to yield a degree of authority to a newly created position, The Associated Press (AP) reported Tuesday.

The bill creating this new prosecutorial position to investigate and prosecute crimes committed in Philadelphia’s public transit system was signed in early December by Democratic Gov. Josh Shapiro of Pennsylvania, The AP reported.

Proponents of the new law claim it is necessary given Krasner’s purported lack of adequate prosecution of crimes due to the district attorney’s “liberal, woke” policies, The AP reported. Both Republicans and some Democrats voted for the measure, according to the outlet. (RELATED: Transgender Activist Touted By Blue State Dems Charged With Rape Of A Minor)

“This is about safety, pure and simple,” Republican State Sen. Wayne Langerholc told the outlet. “It’s another tool for law enforcement on SEPTA [the transit system]. The district attorney should be welcoming this with open arms, because he’s getting additional resources.”

Krasner vehemently disagreed and said at a press conference that the law was “an attack on democracy” and would normalize “the erasure of Philadelphia votes,” the outlet reported.

Philadelphia city council members Kenyatta Johnson and Jamie Gauthier echoed Krasner’s criticism in a joint press release.”[T]his new law takes away that voice [of the voter],” they said. The measure “sets a dangerous, undemocratic precedent and undermines Philadelphia’s home rule powers and disenfranchises Philadelphia’s voters,” the two added.

The Pennsylvania House impeached Krasner back in Nov. 2022 for misconduct in office and obstruction of an investigation by the legislative body, according to the Pennsylvania Capital-Star. A state court, however, largely discarded the impeachment, ABC 27 reported.