Russian School Makes Students Help Assemble Grenades For Military Drones: REPORT

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Mariane Angela Contributor
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A Russian school allegedly requires their students to assemble grenades for military drones, according to the Russian outlet Nokrat.

Russian schoolchildren are allegedly being coerced into producing war supplies for President Vladimir Putin’s ongoing conflict in Ukraine, Nokrat reported. This includes manufacturing components for weaponry, such as parts for grenades used by kamikaze drones.

Local school students in the Republic of Tatarstan, a region in Russia, have actively engaged in assembling 3D-printed components for VOG-17 grenades, Nokrat reported in a video translated by the New York Post (NYP).  These components, which mimic the tails of the grenades, reportedly play a vital role in stabilizing their flight when drones deploy them. Azamat Gimazov, one of the students, casually explained their function in the video, outlining their specific role in drone operations.

A reporter clarified via a voice-over in the Nokrat video these parts, although brightly colored and toy-like, are instrumental in ensuring that the grenades accurately strike their targets without tumbling mid-air, according to Nokrat. The militarization of Russia’s educational system has been escalating since the war began Feb. 2022, the NYP reported. Numerous extracurricular groups and hobby classes have started producing various military supplies, according to the outlet. (RELATED: Doctor Removes Live Grenade From Ukrainian Soldier’s Body)

Children at another school actively craft crutches and canes for soldiers wounded in the conflict, the Russian outlet Novosti Zainska reported. The Aleksandro-Slobodskaya School has reportedly produced upwards of 60 pairs of crutches. A significant portion of these have already reached hospitals, each pair accompanied by a personal note, the outlet reported.