Remember The Malaysian Airlines Plane That Vanished Without A Trace? A Fisherman Claims He Found A Massive Clue

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Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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A report published in December details how an Australian fisherman claims he pulled a piece of the missing Malaysia Airlines flight out of the ocean almost a decade ago.

On March 8, 2014, Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 disappeared off radar with 227 passengers and 12 crew members on board. To this day, no one has any idea what happened to the plane or any of the people on it.

Deep-sea fisherman Kit Olver, 77, who works off South Australia’s eastern coast, told the Sydney Morning Herald that he was out trawling one day, a few months after the plane went missing, and felt his net snag on something beneath the waves. And though he didn’t tell anyone about it until now, what he discovered has eaten away at him ever since.

“It was a bloody great wing of a big jet airliner,” he told the outlet. “I’ve questioned myself; I’ve looked for a way out of this. I wish to Christ I’d never seen the thing … but there it is. It was a jet’s wing.” The wing was apparently bigger than anything off a small plane, and Olver would know. He used to fly Cessnas when he was younger.

And the wing was apparently bigger than anything even used by private jets. And although Olver was the one to come forward with his story, his crewmates from that day all concur with his retelling of the events. One of them, George Currie, who Olver apparently hasn’t spoken to in years, knew exactly why the Sydney Morning Herald was calling him all these years later.

“You’ve got no idea what trouble we had when we dragged up that wing,” Currie said, echoing Olver’s claims. “It was incredibly heavy and awkward. It stretched out the net and ripped it. It was too big to get up on the deck.”

The wing was white and from a commercial plane, Currie concurred, and the crew spent all day trying to get it out of the net. But they never did, so eventually Olver told his crew to simply cut the $20,000 net so they could get their boat right and head home. He never told anyone of the incident because Olver had a rough situation with journalists some years ago — one apparently called his wife after one of his trawlers sank into the ocean to let her know he was missing at sea. Olver was absolutely fine, it turned out, and he didn’t want to deal with the  press after such a traumatic experience. (RELATED: Four Children Lost After Plane Crash Found Alive After 40 Days In Colombian Jungle)

He did alert authorities of the situation as soon as he got back to port. But he was told he was wrong, and had probably just pulled up something from an old shipping container in the region.

And without any physical evidence, all Olver, Currie and the other crew members have is a memory and a rough location of where the wing allegedly was found.

Some other parts of the plane have allegedly been found off the coast of Africa, but questions remain as to whether those parts were real.