Adam Driver Reveals He’s Welcoming Baby Girl On Live TV


Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Actor Adam Driver confirmed he welcomed a baby girl to his growing family during Wednesday’s episode of “Live with Kelly & Mark.”

Driver told fans his daughter is already eight months old, but did not reveal her name. He made light of the fact that it was challenging to welcome a newborn.

“Yeah, yeah. I have an older son who is 6 and so she, now she’s 8 months and you kind of forget how much babies kinda suck,” he said as he laughed quietly.

Co-host Mark Consuelos asked Driver if he was getting any sleep.

“Not a lot, not a lot, not a lot,” the famous actor replied.

Driver went on to say that parenting his children alongside wife Joanne Tucker comes with challenges. The 40-year-old actor admitted that having a second child really changed the dynamic in his household and noted the differences between his kids.

“She likes me more,” Driver said, noting the new dynamic with his little girl.

“When I was with my son, he didn’t want anything to do with me for the first three years,” he added.

The famous actor admitted he is trying to slow things down and really play an active role in his daughter’s life. (RELATED: ‘Harry Potter’ Star Daniel Radcliffe Welcomes Baby)

“I’m remembering this time that I have to enjoy it more. This first time, it went too fast and I was so anxious for him to kind of develop so he could communicate and tell me what was wrong,” he said. “And now I’m more patient with her. I’m trying to enjoy it more.”