Missile Base Tracks UFO, Leaving Experts Confused And Prompting Secret Probe: REPORT


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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A top-secret probe allegedly uncovered a spate of UFO incidents in the United Kingdom, one of which led to a secret inquiry back in the 1980s that still perplexes experts.

Apparently, UFOs kept popping up on Britain’s ballistic missile early warning system (BMEWS) back in the 80s, leaving the leadership at the Royal Air Force’s Fylingdales base totally confused over what they were seeing, The Sun reported in mid-December.

BMEWS is part of the NORAD missile defense system, which was famed for its ability to track missiles during the Cold War. Around this time, the system was often picking up UFOs, so much so that RAF Group Captain David Todd, a senior duty officer at Fylingdales, ordered a secret inquiry into the phenomenon in the early 80s.

“Unknowns came up on the radars at regular intervals for all sorts of reasons,” Todd told UFO expert David Clarke years later, according to The Sun. “At that time if the radar had sufficient capacity spare, it was told to go track them. That was because we are interested in unknowns and some times we needed to find out what it is, where it is and most importantly what it might run into during its orbit such as spy satellites.” (RELATED: Watch This Footage Of A Suspected UFO ‘Above The Clouds’ In The UK)

Some of the objects tracked by Todd and his team turned out to be meteors, but some had to be approached with an “open mind,” he noted. But the weirdest thing is that none of the information on the investigation is held in the Ministry of Defense’s official records. It sounds very similar to the Rendlesham UFO incident, which was epically described in this episode of “The Why Files.”

Back in the 80s, American military personnel were plagued by multiple UFOs, which some think was just the British playing a prank on their peers. But some think it could have been the real deal.

It turns out UFOs really like Britain, which is weird because the weather there is really terrible and most of the folks who live there (who I love as my kin) are some of the most closed-minded when it comes to the world outside of our immediate view.