‘Working Perfectly’: Newt Gingrich Explains Why Democrats’ Border Policy Is ‘Deliberate’

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Hailey Gomez General Assignment Reporter
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Former Republican House Speaker Newt Gingrich called out the Biden Administration for their immigration policy Thursday on Fox, saying it was “working perfectly” for “hard left” voters.

Gingrich appeared on “Hannity” to discuss the ongoing southern border crisis which has seen record numbers of illegal migrants pass through under the Biden administration. Fox guest host Kellyanne Conway asked the former House Speaker his thoughts on Biden’s low polling among voters on issues like the economy and the border crisis.

Gingrich said to understand President Joe Biden you would have to look back at his time as Vice President under the Obama administration, emphasizing his “underlying values” geared towards the “hard left.” (RELATED: ‘You Cannot Deny The Numbers’: CNN Host Poppy Harlow Calls Border Issue ‘Crisis’ ‘Beyond’ Any Numbers Seen Under Trump)

“Well, look, I think — you can’t understand Joe Biden, without looking at his eight years as Barack Obama’s Vice President. Obama is arguably the most radical person ever to be president, protected by the news media,” Gingrich stated.  

“When you look at his underlying values, and his speeches, and his policies and the people he brought in, he is extraordinarily radical … And so what you have is — we don’t have a problem on the border. We have a Biden immigration policy, which is working perfectly if you’re a hard left person.” 

“It’s destroying American identity. It’s crippling the rule of law. It is flooding the country with people who haven’t been trained into the culture, don’t necessarily understand how to function in our society and create all sorts of problems,” Gingrich stated.

Gingrich continued to say the border crisis is not only a “deliberate policy,” but those who support it “want to undermine America.” The former House Speaker additionally called out Biden’s support of the “most active, aggressive and militant parts of his coalition,” highlighting how it may be a “disaster” politically in 2024.  

“And I think we don’t realize yet, this is a deliberate policy by people who want to undermine America, change it profoundly, and eliminate all those ‘crazy ideas’ like the Constitution, the rule of law, the work ethic, meritocracy — actually being able to know and do something. If you’re on the hard left, those are all terrible ideas. And so what you have with Biden is a commitment.” 

“Now, I think, politically, probably, it’s going to be a disaster. But they don’t see it that way … I think they think that they have a reasonable chance of survival. And they know that if they were to go to the policies you and I believe in, that the entire left will erupt, and there’d be a civil war in the Democratic Party. So Biden goes along with the most active, aggressive and militant parts of his coalition. And what we have is what you showed tonight on television,” Gingrich stated. 

There has been a significant amount of traffic at the southern border, leading to both Republicans and Democrats asking the Biden Administration for federal help. Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott signed legislation in December which would allow local law enforcement to arrest illegal migrants. The new law is reportedly expected to be in effect by March 2024, making any illegal entry into Texas a state misdemeanor, according to CBS.