‘Like David Duke’: Horace Cooper Blasts Obama For Defending Harvard President, Details Dangers Of DEI

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Hailey Gomez General Assignment Reporter
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Former Bush administration official and author Horace Cooper called out former President Barack Obama for defending Harvard president Claudine Gay, stating Friday on Fox that Obama’s support proves “standards don’t matter.”

Cooper appeared on “Jesse Watters Primetime” to discuss the former president’s recent support of Gay as he reportedly privately lobbied on the university president’s behalf. Fox guest host Will Cain asked the former Bush administration official why he believed it was important to know Obama had stepped in to support Gay. (RELATED: Barack Obama Reportedly Intervened To Help Save President Gay At Harvard)

Cooper stated the former president was “demonstrating that standards don’t matter,” comparing him to former Ku Klux Klan (KKK) grand wizard David Duke. 

“What the former president is doing is demonstrating that standards don’t matter. What the former president is doing is demonstrating that if we required excellence of every single professor, of every single student, the former president believes, apparently like David Duke, there wouldn’t be any black people in these positions,” Cooper stated.

“When I went off to school at a great university — the University of Texas in Austin — I was there during that period, where yes, there were liberal people. Yes, there were liberal professors. But they understood and accepted that people had different views. And they were welcome to express those as long as they could do so constructively.” 

The former Bush administration official continued, stating if Obama or the “DEI mindset” had “its way” the clock would roll back substantially and segregate Black Americans. Cooper additionally called for the resignation of Gay and said she should be replaced with someone who was “talented, capable and skilled.” (RELATED: Universities Brought In Top PR Firms To Prepare Them For Antisemitism Hearing That Went Off The Rails)

“When we had exams we weren’t graded based on our race. We were graded based on our mastery. If Barack Obama, if the Harvard Corporation has its way, if this DEI mindset has its way, we’re going to roll back the clock substantially, so that most Americans when they see black people in positions of prominence, they’re going to believe like David Duke does,” Cooper stated. “‘Those people aren’t competent. Those people aren’t capable.'”

Miss Gay, Dr. Gay, should resign and let a talented, capable and skilled person take her place.”

Gay, along with presidents of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and University of Pennsylvania (UPenn), appeared at a congressional hearing earlier in December. The three went viral for their responses on whether or not calls for genocide of Jewish students were against the school’s code of conduct. Since their testimonies, calls for all three presidents to step down echoed online. However, only UPenn’s president and Board of Trustees chairman have announced their resignations.