Pro-Palestine Protesters Gather Outside The Homes Of Biden Admin Officials On Christmas Day


Hailey Gomez General Assignment Reporter
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Protesters gathered outside the homes of two Biden Administration officials on Christmas Day chanting in support of Palestine. 

The homes of Defense Secretary Llyod Austin and National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan, located in both Virginia and Washington, D.C., were reportedly bombarded with pro-Palestine protesters. Video footage from the protest outside of Austin’s house showed a group wearing yellowing vests and some either waving Palestine flags or holding signs. (RELATED: Pro-Palestine Protesters Disrupt Live Broadcast Of Benefit For Blind Children)

“Austin, Austin, rise and shine, no sleep during genocide!” they could be heard shouting.

Another clip additionally shared by The People’s Forum on Twitter showed another group of protesters outside Sullivan’s house. (RELATED: Pro-Palestinian Vandals Desecrate Cherished Nativity Scene In Boston)

“Resistance is justified when people are occupied,” the group could be heard chanting.

Both Austin and Sullivan have traveled to Israel since the Oct. 7 terrorist attack on Israel. 

A non-partisan group called Stop Antisemitism posted to Twitter slamming the group for showing up at Austin’s home. 

“Virginia – pro-Palestinian agitators show up to Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin’s home and harass him, as well as his entire neighborhood, this Christmas morning,” the post states.  

“We’re not sure who needs to hear this but harassing a four-star general who has served his country his entire career will not “Free Palestine.”‘

Police eventually showed up at both of the homes, according to Fox News. It is unclear if either official was in their home during the time of the protest.