Incredible Video Shows Israel Completely Annihilating Hamas Weapons Smuggler With Gargantuan Airstrike

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Israel ain’t playing no games!

Hassan Atrash, who is a weapons smuggler for Hamas, was absolutely blown to smithereens in a gargantuan airstrike that was operated by Israel, according to the New York post, which cites the Israel Defense Forces.

Taking place in the Gaza city of Rafah, an Israeli fighter jet completely annihilated the terrorist, according to a Sunday announcement from the IDF, according to the New York Post. The fatal (and glorious) strike happened Friday.

The incredible footage shows a camera tracking Atrash from the sky prior to a fighter jet coming in and rocking the scumbag.

Israel‘s ruthless aggression against Hamas carries on ever since the latter’s despicable Oct. 7 terrorist attack that killed around 1,200 people, with dozens of Americans being included in that tally. Hundreds were also taken hostage by Hamas.


Hamas has gotta regret starting this war … I mean, damn, how much more of an ass-whoopin’ can you take? And it’s funny too, did they really think this was gonna turn out well for them back in October?

LMAO … they really did.

Israel has a solid military and economy, backed by the United States who has, well, literally THE BEST military and economy that God’s green earth has ever seen. I just don’t get the thinking from Hamas, zero logic. (RELATED: Donald Trump Sends UFC 296 Crowd Into An Utter Frenzy After Making His Entrance Like A Complete Boss)

But I guess that’s why these people resorted to terrorism, those little peabrain losers can’t do anything else.

Do the damn thing, Israel! Blow those morons out of the water!