CNN Host Calls Out Chicago Mayor Shifting Blame Of Child’s Death At Illegal Migrant Shelter

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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CNN’s Poppy Harlow called out Democratic Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson on Wednesday after he tried to dodge taking blame for the death of a child at a shelter for illegal immigrants.

Five-year-old migrant Jean Carlos Martinez Rivero died at the overcrowded Pilsen shelter after falling ill, according to The Chicago Sun-Times. The shelter was opened in October and holds more than 2,000 migrants, more than half of whom are children, according to the report.

Harlow asked Johnson about the shelter.

“I have a couple of questions for you about what is happening in your shelters in Chicago right now. A five-year-old boy. His name is Jean Carlos Martinez Rivero died in a migrant shelter right before Christmas. Three other children around that time were transported to hospitals. Are children safe in the shelters right now?” Harlow asked.


“Well, what we’ve seen is, again, repeatedly is that when the migrants are arriving in the city of Chicago, because — or New York or anywhere else, for that matter — there — there’s not a real coordinated approach to make sure that migrants and those who are seeking asylum are getting the services that they need at the border. There’s no screenings —” Johnson began before Harlow interjected.

“But, sorry mayor —”

“— there’s no health checks, there is no vaccinations.”

“— because you’re the mayor of Chicago — I apologize for jumping in — but because you’re the mayor of Chicago, I’m asking you about what’s happening in the shelters in your city,” Harlow said. “I hear your point you’re making about, your frustration with Governor Abbott and with the federal government, the Biden Administration. But what about what’s happening in these shelters right now?”

“Well, it’s all connected. It’s not an isolated dynamic,” Johnson argued.

“I understand.”

“And what I’ve said repeatedly, the lack of coordination — and I’ll get to it, I promise — the lack of coordination is causing the amount of turmoil and stress. We’re talking about individuals who have suffered miles — thousands of miles of — of — of — of — of treachery, quite frankly, to get to — to the border. And so what we’ve seen and I’ve expressed this year, is that that lack of coordination has caused tremendous stress. Now, as far as this — this — this little boy that unfortunately passed away, I’ve offered and I continue to offer my deepest condolences to the family. And there is no evidence at this point, and we’re still waiting as — more and more evidence as we go through investigation here — as more and more evidence comes to fruition, there is no evidence that the condition of the shelter caused the death of this young boy.”

“OK. Our thoughts of course also with his family.” (RELATED: Chicago Suburb Declares Emergency After Arrival Of Roughly 100 Migrants)

Watch Harlow press Johnson on whether he is being ignored by the Biden administration: 

An autopsy is still pending for Jean Carlos’ death and an investigation remains ongoing.

Four children and one adult were hospitalized one day after Jean Carlos’ death after falling ill, according to The Chicago Sun-Times. The shelter is reportedly unsanitary.

Chicago has received a massive influx of migrants, with residents demanding the federal government take action as resources are drained. Residents rejected housing more illegal immigrants in October during a neighborhood meeting, protesting construction crews who were working on building a new encampment for migrants.