University Chancellor Fired After Filming Online Pornography With Wife


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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A University of Wisconsin chancellor was fired from his position Wednesday after it was revealed that he’d made and distributed pornography with his wife.

UW-La Crosse chancellor Joe Gow, 63, was fired Wednesday in a unanimous vote by colleagues, following revelations that he’d been filming and releasing homemade pornography with his wife, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. The couple apparently released videos under the moniker “Sexy Happy Couple” on various adult websites, and run social media accounts called “Sexy Healthy Cooking” in which they make food with porn stars.

Gow and his wife reportedly direct users to their OnlyFans accounts for the “full explicit scenes” of their love-making. Some of their videos also appear on PornHub and XHamster, with more than 200,000 views on some of their clips. All of these videos were posted within the last two months, the outlet noted.

In 2018, Gow invited adult film star Nina Hartley to give a talk about free speech on college campuses. Then-UW president Ray Cross said he was “deeply disappointed” by Gow’s actions at the time. But the outrage reached a new level on Wednesday.

“Upon my recommendation, the UW Board of Regents today terminated Dr. Joe Gow from his position as chancellor of UW-La Crosse effective immediately. In recent days, we learned of specific conduct by Dr. Gow that has subjected the university to significant reputational harm. His actions were abhorrent,” UW president Jay Rothman said in a statement.

“As a tenured faculty member, Dr. Gow will be placed on paid administrative leave as he transitions into his faculty role at UW-La Crosse. However, I have filed a complaint this evening with interim Chancellor Betsy Morgan regarding Dr. Gow’s status as a tenured faculty member, asking that such status be reviewed. In addition, an outside law firm has been engaged to undertake a fulsome investigation of the matter. We anticipate the complaint will be considered in the normal course as dictated by Wis. Admin. Code Ch. 4.” (RELATED: Employee Allegedly Fired For Defending Trump Offered Job Back)

Gow is defending his actions, telling the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that “there’s nothing said about the University of Wisconsin; there’s nothing said about the chancellor (on the videos). So someone else would have to make those associations. And then someone would have to say those are problematic.”

He noted that he spent his time on the videos, and more on production costs of the pornographic material than the money he brought in via sharing them online. He said no one at the school contacted him before the Wednesday meeting in which he was fired.

Gow and his wife also authored books under the names Geri and Jay Hart, which apparently focuses on how porn can allegedly “enrich” a monogamous relationship. The couple previously noted that they were aware a “scandal would ensue” once their peers found out about their extracurricular activities.