Harrowing Video Appears To Show Suspect Screaming In Agony As K-9 Doesn’t Release Its Bite

(Public/Screenshot/YouTube/Los Angeles Police Department)

John Oyewale Contributor
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A suspect screamed in agony as a Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) K-9 would not let go of his foot despite efforts from police officers, a video released Wednesday showed.

LAPD officers on patrol in November found Jackson Romero and another male standing in the middle of an intersection next to a double-parked vehicle, LAPD Captain Kelly Muñiz said. The officers suspected the men of disturbing the peace, and as they approached, Romero allegedly turned and broke into a run, clutching a satchel that officers believed contained a firearm, police said. The officers gave chase and Romero appeared to drop the satchel and fled out of sight, the video showed. The officers reportedly found a loaded handgun in the satchel.

The officers set up a perimeter around the area where they last saw him and requested residents to stay indoors. Police urged Romero to surrender, or a police K-9 would find and potentially injure him, the video showed.

The officers released a K-9, Platz, and began combing the area. They heard screams and repeatedly called out to Platz as they tried to trace Romero and the K-9. They found Romero in the rear yard of a single-family residence, with Platz’s jaws clamped on Romero’s foot, the video showed.

“He can’t let go, bro!” Romero said in between screams.

“You shouldn’t be grabbing him,” replied an officer.

“I didn’t grab him!”

Platz clamped harder, despite the officers’ attempts to disengage him.

“No, bro! I can’t feel my foot!” Romero cried. “I didn’t do nothing, bro! Please get him off me, bro! Bro, he’s getting harder!” (RELATED: Police K-9’s Attack Leaves Bloodied Suspect With Flesh Falling Off His Arm, Video Shows)

Officers eventually prevailed on Platz and arrested Romero, the video showed. Paramedics took Romero to a hospital. LAPD arrested Romero for alleged possession of a firearm by a felon and booked him in absentia, Muñiz said. However, the officers could not locate the second male suspect.

“The K-9 for this incident has been deselected and is no longer conducting K-9 searches,” Muñiz said.