‘Tardis’: Woman Freaks Out About UFO That Keeps Flying Over Her Home


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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A mother from Middleton, Leeds, “freaked out” in December as a UFO barreled over her home … again!

Kay Thorpe was pretty shaken after photographing a UFO she claims has been flying over her home for the last few years, according to The Mirror. The 36-year-old mother-of-three reportedly snapped the picture while in her back garden at some point in December, hoping she’d be able to zoom in and figure out what the thing she keeps seeing really is. But the results left her more confused than ever.

“Where I live, you don’t often see a lot of stars but this one particular star is above my house every night and every morning,” Thorpe explained to the outlet. “And I kept looking at it thinking ‘that can’t be a star’ because it’s always there but it doesn’t flicker like a star. It’s been there for years. It wasn’t twinkling and I thought what else could it be?” (RELATED: Aliens Are ‘Real’ And ‘Covered-Up,’ Tennessee Rep. Tim Burchett Claims)

But when she zoomed in, things became “distorted.” Eventually she was able to snap a more stable photograph. “My first thought was it could be some sort of extra terrestrial. I didn’t think it was a spaceship but when I saw the shape, I thought that’s not normal,” she continued. “When I looked at it, I was freaked out. I thought ‘am I safe?’ I thought, could it be the International Space Station?”

Thorpe reportedly posted the images to her social media accounts, with a handful of people replying that the thing looks like a “Tardis,” the infamous time-travel machine from hit sci-fi show “Doctor Who.”

Photographs taken by Thorpe have seemingly already been sold, which is a shame. But during my digging, I found a few other photographs shared online of a weird, Tardis-looking contraptions.

“I shared it online and everyone started saying it’s Doctor Who, it’s the TARDIS. I’m not a Doctor Who fan but I knew what people meant when they said it. A lot of people said TARDIS. I don’t believe we’re alone. I think there’s something out there — I don’t think we’re the only species,” Thorpe continued.

“The thought has dawned on me that something could be looking down on us,” Thorpe said. “Because it’s been there for that many years I know I must be safe. Unless I’ve been abducted and my memory’s been wiped! A couple of people said it’s heaven’s door and we’ve recently had a bereavement so I’d like to think it’s maybe that.” (RELATED: Country Scrambles Military Jets After UFO Seen Hovering Over Airport ‘Disappears’)

Across the pond, we’re all still wondering when the government will stop lying to us about UFOs and finally release their data. My gut feeling says it’ll never happen, so perhaps whoever is watching us from our skies will come down and introduce themselves in 2024.