Aliens Are ‘Real’ And ‘Covered-Up,’ Tennessee Rep. Tim Burchett Claims

(Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)

Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Republican Tennessee Rep. Tim Burchett told Newsmax on Tuesday that aliens are “real” and the government is covering them up.

Burchett joined “Rob Schmitt Tonight” to discuss the ongoing vomit hurled by lawmakers from both parties regarding unidentified flying objects/unidentified aerial phenomena (UFOs/UAPs). The lawmaker argued that aliens are “100 percent real” and his proposal to reveal this information was cut from the 2024 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).

When asked why his policy was cut, Burchett told Schmitt, “imagine if we did have something with this incredible energy source … it would put the Pentagon out of business.” He continued, “It’s power, it’s deception, it’s corruption, it’s all those things in Washington.”

Burchett insisted that he is “100 percent” sure aliens are real and that the government has been covering up their presence on earth “since day one.” But even Burchett is skeptical about the growing interest in government agencies as it relates to the exploration of UFOs and other strange phenomena.

“Now they’re saying, ‘oh, there’s something out there,'” Burchett explained, referencing these agencies. “You just go down the list. All of our military branches, they’re gonna want more money to guess what? To study these things, right? It’s just been a cover-up from day one.”

Most of these explorations are handed over to government contractors, who don’t have to bow down to Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests, which is where most UFO knowledge comes from.

So, what can we really expect to happen in 2024 as it comes to disclosure over what UFOs really are? (RELATED: Republican Rep. Tim Burchett Claims UFOs Could ‘Turn Us Into Charcoal Briquette’ And More In Shocking Interview)

NOTHING. And stop thinking this is going to change. Every time you focus on aliens instead of, say, food security, stopping terrorists from entering the country, or protecting our power supply, you’re guaranteeing more money goes into the pockets of people who will never tell you the truth about UFOs … and all of our other problems get far, far worse.