More Than 30 Million Americans Will Witness An Incredible Solar Spectacle In 2024


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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More than 30 million Americans will witness a massive solar eclipse on April 8, 2024.

An estimated 31 million people living in cities and towns from Mexico to Canada will see a total solar eclipse this spring, including those living across the central to eastern U.S., according to Live Science. The most populated U.S. cities in the path of the totality include San Antonio, Dallas, Fort Worth and Austin, Texas, as well as Indianapolis, Indiana.

But the event will bring a shadow across 10,000 miles in length by roughly 115 miles wide, making the region feel like it’s right at dawn or dusk, NASA reported. “The total eclipse of the sun next April 8 will envelop many millions of people,” Great American Eclipse cartographer Michael Zieler told the outlet.

A map developed by the organization was shared on social media, showing the route of the eclipse in more detail.

“31 million people already live inside the path within the U.S., and when you add the millions more Mexicans and Canadians in the path, plus the visitors who come to see totality, between 40 and 50 million people will witness the total solar eclipse,” Zieler continued. (RELATED: Solar Storm Threats Set To Get Worse In 2024, According To Authorities)

Safety is listed as the most important thing for those choosing to view the eclipse. The moon will only block the sun for a brief moment as it glides over, so don’t get caught with an eyeful of direct solar rays as the event passes by.