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How to Become Instagram Famous in 2024

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Statista.com reports that Instagram has more than 1.3 billion users as 2023 comes to an end. This figure shows that 2023 is Instagram’s biggest year in history, but 2024 promises to be even bigger, better, and more rewarding. Therefore, 2024  is the best time to become famous on this social media platform.

However, getting famous on Instagram is not child’s play as it requires you to do certain things at the right moment. So, what do you have to do to become famous on Instagram in 2024? Do you have to rely on only organic engagements or buy Instagram likes from Instant-Famous.com and other similar platforms?

Here are some vital things to do to become Instagram famous in 2024:

Choose your niche and know your audience

Although anyone can use Instagram, it’s difficult to create contents that fit everyone’s needs. Therefore, the first step to becoming Instagram famous in 2024 is choosing your preferred niche and knowing your audience.

Travel, fashion, pet, fitness, lifestyle, online money-making, finance, public speaking, self-improvement, and health are examples of popular Instagram niches. Each niche offers a plethora of opportunities for influencers. Select a niche you are passionate about and have a good knowledge of.

As you identify your niche, think about the demographic of the people looking for content in your preferred niche. These people are your potential audience.

Create premium, high-converting content for your audience

Different types of audiences require varying forms of content. If you keep offering fashion-related content to health-conscious audiences, they will likely unfollow you. Therefore, make sure your audiences can enjoy and relate to your posts.

Regardless of your audience, your content can come in different formats. Videos, images, and infographics are the most acceptable content formats on Instagram. Don’t use long text except it’s necessary.

Consider the following factors when creating content for Instagram:

  • Use the right format
  • Upload only high-quality images or videos
  • Incorporate trending or popular sound or voice

Create an impressive Instagram feed

Before following a brand or person, many Instagram users take their time to check their feeds. They check the person or brand’s page to see what they can offer. So, having an impressive Instagram feed is one of the sure-fire ways to become famous in 2024.

Your Instagram page should showcase your brand personality and convince people why they should follow you. Make it eye-catching, meaningful, and memorable. An Instagram feed planner can ease the process of creating an aesthetic feed.

Add relevant hashtags to your posts

Hashtags are keywords people use to find content related to a particular topic. People use them on different social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Adding hashtags to your content makes it findable on Instagram, and this may help you reach more audiences.

However, it’s vital to be careful when adding hashtags to your content as too many of them can be counter-productive. Avoid generic hashtags that don’t add any value to your posts. Use only relevant and trending keywords. Also, utilize only a handful of them.

Buy Instagram likes and followers

Another reliable way to become famous on Instagram in 2024 is by buying engagements. When you buy Instagram likes, followers, and comments, it creates an impression that your content is relevant or engaging. This piques the interest of many individuals in what you can offer; hence, they may follow you to learn more about your content. Therefore, buying engagements can help you achieve your goals on this social media platform in 2024.

Nevertheless, buy your Instagram likes and comments from trusted sources like Instant-Famous.com. Ensure the likes and followers are provided over time to eliminate suspicion of inorganic engagements.

Experiment with different forms of content

Although an Instagram post is the most common form of content, there are several other options you can try. The other options can assist you in reaching more audiences; thus, making you famous in 2024.

Experiment with the following forms of Instagram content in 2024:

  • Instagram Live streams: This option allows you to host a live stream and chat with other  Instagram users in real-time. It helps you have personalized contacts with your audience.
  • Instagram Stories: This is another real-time Instagram content for updating your followers about what is going on in your life. It’s an interesting way to draw more people to your profile and interact with them. This option can be used for varying things such as showing behind-the-scene videos, hosting a question-and-answer session, and showcasing your lifestyle.
  • Instagram Reels. When Instagram users go to Instagram’s Explore page, they see numerous Reels from different people. This option allows you to display your offers and also helps you get more audiences.

Be consistent and post at the best time

Irrespective of the quality and type of content you upload, Instagram users can forget you quickly if you’re out of their sight. Therefore, consistency is crucial if you want to become famous on Instagram in 2024. Have a specific schedule for how often  you want to post on Instagram. 

Similarly, find the best time to post your content to get the highest levels of engagement. The best time is the period when lots of your audiences are online. This time varies from one niche to another.

Be open to working with other Instagram content creators and brands

Although it’s your duty to make yourself Instagram famous, you can gain a lot from working with other content creators and brands. They can assist you in reaching larger audiences and make you famous easily and quickly.

Given this, be open to working with others by engaging their content. Attend online and offline social media events. Talk to other influencers about possible collaborations and don’t be afraid to engage brands on how your service can help them grow.


Although it’s possible to become Instagram famous overnight, it often takes time for most individuals to gain relevance on the platform. Therefore, don’t get discouraged if you don’t see the results of your effort within a short period. Continue creating and uploading high-quality content that can make you go viral.

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