‘I’m Instagram Famous’: Video Shows Influencer’s Viral Flight Meltdown


Julianna Frieman Contributor
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An Instagram influencer went viral Sunday after her meltdown on a flight was posted to social media.

“I’m Instagram famous, you fucking bum,” the woman shouted to her fellow passengers as she noticed she was being filmed exiting the plane in the 20-second video posted Sunday.

@sawwabawwaaa “Im instagram famous and youre a bum” 😂 some passenger on american airlines in Miami. Can someone tag her #viral #angrypassenger #americanairline #influencer #miami #fashionnova #fyo #foryoupage #tranding #viralvideo #funny ♬ original sound – Sara Kaz

Morgan Osman, known on Instagram as @officialmorganbritt, had her outburst following an alleged confrontation with another person on the American Airlines plane, according to the Daily Mail. The influencer, dressed in a skin-tight gray unitard, retrieved her luggage from the overhead locker as she began her remarks.

“Call me a bitch again,” Osman says in the video. “Call me a bitch again. I did nothing wrong!” (RELATED: Celebrity Couple ‘Kicked Out’ Of Airport After Trying To Sleep During 9-Hour Delay)

Osman can then be heard cursing at other passengers as she makes her way down the aisle. It is unknown what flight the incident occurred on or when the video was taken, the Daily Mail noted.

Osman’s outburst is strikingly similar to Tiffany Gomez’s viral meltdown on a different American Airlines flight in July. Video showed a distressed Gomez shouting, “That motherfucker back there is not real” and predicting that everyone on the plane would die. The incident forced all passengers to deplane.